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Neurological Conditions

What are they and what are the problems

Neurological Conditions result from damage to the brain and/or damage to the  spinal column or nerves, caused by illness or injury. Often the precise causes of neurological conditions is not yet well known. Neurological conditions affect young and old, rich and poor, men and women and people from all cultures and ethnicities. Some Neurological Conditions are present at birth and others develop during a life-span or have a sudden onset due to injury or illness such as head injury, stroke or brain tumours. Examples of Neurological Conditions are Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's Disease, Huntingdon's Disease and Motor Neuron Disease.

The difficulties that Neurodegenerative Diseases may present are not very well understood by the general public and are usually seen as a collection of physical symptoms only. However, it is now broadly recognised that Neurodegenerative diseases come with a set of "Thinking Difficulties" also known as Cognitive Deficits. These difficulties range from Memory Problems to Attention Deficits, difficulties with Concentration, Speech and Language like word finding, and Reduced Processing Speed. These difficulties can severely impact on daily functioning and Quality of Life. For more information about the Cognitive Problems associated with Huntingdon's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and Motor Neuron Disease click here.

Diagnosing Cognitive Problems for people with Neurological Conditions is important as these difficulties are not very well understood by the general public which can cause people to be critical towards the patient. Patients are often misunderstood as being awkward or uncooperative. Patients are also often critical towards themselves, as they compare their ability to perform tasks with the way they performed them in the past, before the diagnosis and often feel disappointed with their performance. Understanding the specific cognitive difficulties associated with their illness can greatly relief feelings of guilt, confusion and frustration.

The Assessment of Cognitive Problems for people with Neurological Conditions will help identify the specific cognitive and psychological difficulties of each individual and will clarify if the presented difficulties are consistent with the diagnosis of their illness. The process of assessment is thorough and can take up to 3 1/2 hours, but can be adjusted to a shorter time-span if needed.

With support the difficulties associated with Neurological Conditions can be managed and improved upon by using specific exercises and interventions, coping strategies and management techniques.


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