Neuropsychology Services

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When are Telephone / SKYPE sessions suitable for you?

Telephone / SKYPE sessions are suitable for you if:
  • you are 18 or older.
  • You have a telephone landline or SKYPE.
  • you are not feeling suicidal at the time of your session.

Telephone sessions are NOT suitable for you if:
  • you have a long-term mental health condition
  • you have a long-term drug or alcohol addiction
  • you have other addictions that would interfere with the quality of the session
  • you are being seen by a Mental Health Team

There are occasions when we feel that telephone / SKYPE sessions may not be the best way for you to access help. These situations are rare but if this should occur in your situation then we will discuss this with you straight away. In those situations we will advise you to seek help via your GP or other suitable services.

Private cognitive behavioural therapy

Hack-it Psychology is a Specialist Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology Consultancy. We offer psychological assessment, treatment and support for people from the age of 9 who experience psychological difficulties and/or difficulties caused by neurological conditions including brain injury.

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