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Workplace Mental Health

Work-related Therapy & Coaching

We offer Mental Health Assessments, Interventions  and Support suitable for employees with mild to moderate mental health related challenges uncluding  stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, low self- confidence, assertiveness issues, work-life balance issues, work-load management,  challenging life events like bereavement and loss, relationship difficulties and many more.

Our Workplace Mental Health Services offer organisations and individuals support with the understanding and management of employee mental health presentations.

Our focus is on prevention and retention, however, when employees have had to take  leave on grounds of ill-health, our interventions and rehabilitation programmes are available to facilitate their return to work.

There is evidence to suggest that individual rather than organisational approaches to managing common mental health problems are most likely to be effective. At Hack-it Psychology we use a person centred and solution focussed approach using the most effective therapeutic programmes. These include Solution Focussed Therapies, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, and Coping Skills Training.

Our services are also used for obtaining an expert opinion when dealing with complex cases or medico-legal situations.

Suffer from Insomnia? Our Sleep-Repair Programme can help!

Our highly effective Sleep-Repair Programme uses the most up to date knowledge available to address sleep issues and insomnia without the use of tablets. 

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