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“Five visits to Addy have not only given me the tools to deal with issues going back to childhood but the pain they were causing is also easing. The treatment has benefited me in so many ways that situations that once caused me to lose a sense of reason are now dealt with in rational calm way.

Also life in general has become so much more manageable which in turn improves one’s own sense of well being and self esteem. This is improving on a daily basis as I use the tools given to me by Addy."


“...you have been very helpful in helping me think differently about my thinking function and processing. I also have a better understanding about how I tick and have managed to lift the sense of shaming off of it. Not a small thing."


" I approached Addy for a complete educational assessment for my 9 year old daughter who was finding education a struggle.  Addy made myself and my daughter feel very welcome and relaxed within her environment. The assessment was a long process and although I was a little concerned as to the length because my daughter struggles with attention and focus, I need not worried as Addy went at her pace throughout the assessment and they completed in comfortable time. Following the assessment the report which was detailed and clear was provided both electronically and by post in two weeks, followed by a telephone appointment to clarify any questions I may have had.  I would be happy to recommend Addy in the future."

"Even though I was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child in Germany once I started University studies here in England my coping strategies were not enough to see me through to the end without the right support. Having gone for the dyslexia assessment with Dr Addy was a very eye-opening experience and worthwhile investment for my future career path and personal development.

For years I had felt that my dyslexic functioning was something shameful but having had the assessment done by Dr Addy, did not only help me to get the right support to complete my MA but it also gave me valuable insight into my functioning which has helped me in other areas of my life besides academic achievements."


Private cognitive behavioural therapy

Hack-it Psychology is a Specialist Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology Consultancy. We offer psychological assessment, treatment and support for people from the age of 9 who experience psychological difficulties or challenges with educational and occupational performance.

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